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  1. Hi everybody, I just wanted to get some feedback on my situation, and if I should pursure the time/money for a masters in Speech Path. I graduated with my undergrad in Business, spent a few years doing marketing, went back to school and obtained my MBA in marketing. After working at a market research firm, I was let go in Feb. 2011. I have been unemployed ever since!! Thats over a year!! Can you believe it? Terrible economy. In the mean time of looking for jobs/going on interviews, I've had some thoughts on if I really want to stay in the business field! Its so unstable right now! In addition, I'll be moving soon to live with my fiance where SLP's are in high need. Last August, I went to Northern Illinois's open house for their grad program in Speech Path, and was really impressed. I met with an advisor that October, and she explained to me what most post-baccs have to go through. A year of pre-reqs (full time), good GPA/GRE scores, relationships with the professors/LOR's will heighten your chances of getting into a program there. My GPA in my undergrad in Business was terrible (2.9). I was pretty immature then. However, I proved that I could obtain a graduate degree with a good GPA (3.89) with my MBA. Also, I volunteered at the #1 rehab hospital in the US to see if this profession was something I'd like to do. I loved it! I worked in the hospital's Apashia research center. So I think that experience would help me begin to write a personal statement. In addition, I'm almost done with completing a Biology course (basic science) course iwth an A. I still need a Physics, and to take my GRE. The GRE scares me so much!!! I am a horrible horrible test taker. I pretty much failed the GMAT (after studying too). So, I'm just not sure what to do. Soo - sorry for the long rambling post, but any post-bacc people out there? any career changers? this is like a 180 for me, but I think I'd love it....its just the competitivness and uncertainty that scares me (oh and the time/money, thats HUGE lol).
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