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  1. 1) CMU CNBC which is an "interdisciplinary training program" in neuroscience that can be taken on top of an ML degree. This is a Masters + PhD. 2) UW CS which has machine learning courses, and can be combined with a "Theoretical Neuroscience Diploma". This is just a Masters. Those are the only two I've found. It is surprisingly hard to find more instances of this combination. I want a mature coverage of ML and an overview of our attempts to understand and model brain structure and communication. My goal is to better understand learning and emergent behaviour at a mathematical and biol
  2. It's a little hard for me to do anything now, because I'm on a tight track to completing my double major. I will probably read some neuroscience books during my work terms. Maybe that will give me a better idea of what courses I need to take. Then, as you said, I could start looking for the right program. I'm not sure where I want to do my PhD. Part of the problem. I could potentially do it anywhere. But Waterloo, or other Ontario universities, may be preferable, to be with family. Waterloo looks like it has a really interesting neuroscience program: http://ctn.uwaterloo.ca/studies/g
  3. Thanks for the advice. Yeah, my background is definitely the strongest in CS. Would that generally open better doors than applying to something less related to my undergraduate experiences? Conversely, will having no experience in Biology hurt my opportunities in Computational Neuroscience? This may also be a stupid question, but how much freedom do I generally get to pick courses and research? Does it depend on the supervisor? The worst case would be entering a Neuroscience PhD program, and not be able to (at least eventually) do research related to machine learning. I know a professor
  4. Ouch. That is a tough decision. It may not be as impossible as you think to have a long distance relationship under these circumstances. 3-4 years is not a long time. I'm not sure what ABD means, but you may have to make a sacrifice somewhere. Since he's making that much, he can fly you down to see him every other weekend. If you really love each other, and are already planning to marry eventually, you can become engaged with the vow to marry once you have finished your studies. It's very hard, but it's not impossible. My roommate did this for the past three years during his undergraduat
  5. Hey all. Hoping that I found the right place to post this. I was just looking for some smart people to get a few pieces of advice from, for planning out graduate studies. I finish my undergraduate at the University of Waterloo in a year's time. I'm currently planning to work my way to a PhD, but am unsure of where and what path I should take. My background is in Computer Science and Combinatorics & Optimization. I find myself very interested in the field of machine learning, but feel it's important to also learn psychology and neuroscience. This is because of the many real life problems
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