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  1. @JAubrey: did you attend LSE as well? Are you going back to the states after graduation or actively looking for jobs in London? Do you know how competitive is it for IR to go into finance or consulting? Any input is definitely helping!! thanks
  2. @DualCitizenIR: i would love to talk more about LSE. Inbox me your email or contact wouldn't you?
  3. I signed up for a dose of LSE a week ago.. Lol, i plan to do the same - staying at least 4 to 6 months after graduation to find jobs in UK. Going back to the states and looking up my connections here if i don't find any in UK. " In 2009/10, 91% of undergraduate leavers and 89% of postgraduate leavers from the Department of International Relations were in employment, completing further study or taking time out just six months after graduation. International relations graduates found work with a wide range of employers including: multilateral and intergovernmental organisations non-government organisations (NGOs) banking and accounting services local and national government education media and publishing companies" The average starting salary of undergraduates from the International Relations department was £27,739 and for postgraduates £28,550 . This is on their website that i found. Hopefully my friend.
  4. @DualCitizenIR: i got accepted to the LSE MSc IR also for Fall 2012. What is your plan after graduation (if you have thought about it) mind me asking? Do you plan to go back to the states or to stay in London and looking for a job?
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