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  1. Dear UPenn, Tomorrow's my birthday. Don't worry if you didn't get my gift quite yet. I know just the thing. Best, -Z.
  2. Looking at the results boards, I'm proud that I haven't seen the brattiness in posts of English rejections that I see in some of the other fields. Sheeesh! Entitlement!
  3. A few things: 1) I find myself wondering if B.A. to PhD is becoming less common as it becomes harder for students working their way through college to have the time to study since working your way through college requires more hours of work every year (and by working your way, I actually just mean having money to live off of if mommy and daddy aren't footing the bill--keeping up with tuition while enrolled at a university without loans is nearly out of the question for most students). 2) I also think the field is being made more competitive by students taking gap years, which is potent
  4. I don't know what your attitude on gap years is--they seem like they suck but, having taken two in a row, I can tell you it's not so bad--but I bet with one more year you could reapply and, having strengthened your application, get that funding. Further, I bet you'd feel better about it in the long run, and your future selves would be glad for it. I know you must be anxious to move on with your life, but my vote would be for you to spend another year becoming an even more stellar applicant while putting away money for your eventual move and having time to study and also to travel or someth
  5. I had entirely given up on this season. I had so given up that I ALREADY SIGNED UP FOR THE APRIL SUBJECT TEST. And here today a UCSB acceptance lands in my email. I'm so happy and so relieved. I was considering quitting academia! What nonsense!
  6. Rejected from UT Austin. This was the one I thought I really had a shot at. Tonight I sulk. Tomorrow I start my first serious weekend of getting ready to apply again in the fall.
  7. I'm starting to act out. I want to spam DGS email with pictures of cats. UT Austin pweeeze. I wuv yoo.
  8. It's asking a lot, but I will drink the alcohol for you. Feel better!
  9. I see UT-Austin in a lot of people's signatures. I'm thinking we'll start hearing from them in the next three days.
  10. You seem to know the weak spots in your application, and I have a few ideas about mine. I think if we both do get shut out this year, we should bounce ideas off each other and maybe even start a topic for a kind of a tough love camp for next cycle.
  11. My sabbatical from GradCafe was kind of nice, as a little self-control exercise. If any of you are stressing about waiting for acceptances (especially if you haven't gotten one yet), I suggest taking a break from the site. I did notice my stress levels kind of go down, and I stopped obsessively checking email and the results page and was able to focus on other things. Obviously, everyone here this year is super nice and supportive, but watching everyone else get life-changing acceptances while you kind of piddle around and wonder if you're out of their league is pretty disheartening. Is th
  12. Time, I think, to impose a GC hiatus on myself before I Lizzie Borden my bookshelves. Let's see if I can go a week.

    1. Guest


      I was thinking to do the same for all of this month. In my case, I will not be getting 'any' decisions until mid march to mid april....

    2. unræd


      We'll miss you, but good luck!

    3. DaDocStruggle


      Got a interview letter from my top choice!!!! wooooooooo happy dance...NOW FREAKS OUT

  13. oh goodness oh goodness. UCSB is technically my lowest-ranked pick and they seem to be notifying. here comes full-blown panic! i'm a pisces and am currently willing to believe anything!
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