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  1. Hello Everyone! I am a complete newbie to this website. So I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong forum. Let me start off by introducing my background. I hail from a Big Ten University (not Nebraska nor Northwestern) going into my senior year in the fall. I'm a double major in Political Science (4.00) and Spanish (3.92) with a current university GPA of 3.94 and a combined GPA (literally only includes a couple summer school classes from a community college + my university GPA) of 3.84. 2 teachers gave me Bs which I'm pretty mad about because they were UNFAIR graders. Believe me, they were. I've always planned on going to law school in the future, but I decided to not go directly after undergrad because I will be 20 by the time I graduate with my Bachelors. I recently began to take grad school seriously just last month when my professor sent me an email from a public university (with a Compass direction in their name) about their M.A program in Political Science. Apparently, they don't even need the GRE if your GPA is over 3.0 and they give many Research Assistanships that waive tuition and provide a living stipend. I emailed the director of the program and he told me a lot of students that are accepted don't have an honors thesis completed from undergrad. I'm graduating with honors May 2013, but with a thesis for my Spanish major. I TRULY do LOVE/ENJOY BOTH my majors. However, I don't have a super specific field that I'm interested in Political Science except that I know I enjoy Comparative Politics and American Government. My questions: 1) Should I apply to Grad school programs for Political Science despite not graduating with honors/no thesis in my Poli Sci major? Although Poli Sci is not law, I do feel as if there's some overlap. Also, one day I want to work for the federal government. 2) Should I also look into applying for other schools for Poli Sci? 3) How hard is it it receive T.A/R.A positions, generally? I do not want to wrack up debt from grad school 4) How important is the GRE in terms of admission? 5) Should I look into other M.A programs instead? I should also add that I feel very confident that my Letters of Recommendation will be strong, and my GPA won't dip too low. Thanks if any of you can reply back! And sorry for not mentioning any specific names. I kinda of want to stay as anonymous as possible.
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