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  1. I have worked at a research center for almost two years. It's expected that RA's will end up going to grad school. So there is no negativity about the situation, and unlike several RA's that left this year for school, I have stayed for the "promised" two years. One of my bosses said that she "was more than happy!" to write me a letter of recommendation, and request that I send her my CV and SOP. She said she would review my SOP as well. She send in my recommendation which I know from the application website, but never said anything in person or by email about my SOP. I received no
  2. I have take psych methods, and research methods classes ad received Bs. Psych methods was very statistics based. i'm also wondering whether it's worth it or not to at least re-take the pre-calc class.
  3. I will be applying this fall for graduate programs in epidemiology. I graduated in May 2009 with a B.A. in psychology with minors in biology and writing. I took a graduate class in the spring of 2010 - Epidemiology and Biostatistics and received an A. I have several years of clinical experience and am now a research assistant at a hospital established research center. In college I didn't place much emphasis on taking math courses. I took pre-calc the semester I got sick and got a c Now I'm worried it's going to hurt my chances on getting in, not only did I get a C, but also that i
  4. I'm a 2009 grad with a major in psychology, and minors in biology and writing 3.2 (kinda low...i know) Did conduct my own research study during my jr and sr year with the aid of a psych dept advisor. Presented. Did not publish. Have spent the last two years working as a case manager at a mental health center for adult with severe mental illness. Just started as a research assistant in April. We are part a hospital, though we have our own building. We do studies mainly on weight loss. I am/will be working on 4 different studies. None of which I will be named on...as I am only a researc
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