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    pencil sketching, designing web templates,....
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    Master of fine arts(GRAPHIC DESIGN)
  1. I am from India, and I'm about to apply to these universities for mfa graphic design this spring2013. Rochester institute of technology university of new mexico university of north texas california state university-los angeles university of massachusetts-amherst. can anyone give me suggestions regarding these universities and mfa standards???
  2. can you name some good mfa schools which offer mfa graphic design or computer graphics for spring 2013?
  3. Can anyone list out some universities which take international students in spring season.
  4. Can anyone help me listing out some softwares and skills required to get an admission into any university in U.S. Softwares known: Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Flash Adobe Dreamweaver. Are these softwares enough or should i learn more?????
  5. - I like to see myself working in an Multi National Company in future. - Graphic Designer(Designing company Logo's, Magazine cover page, web site designing ) -I have a bit experience in designing Brochure's for NGO'S.
  6. My aim is to become a graphic designer. Ive been offered a web designer post in a company, but i rejected the call. -Experimentation, critical thinking. - After graduation i want to settle as a graphic designer. the all i know is to become something special in design area.
  7. Suggestions required for Portfolio contents for mfa graphic design admission.
  8. I completed my 6monts web and computer graphics in ARENA MULTIMEDIA INDIA. Basically i am not that interested in electronics, i have just completed it for the sake of my undergrad degree. I am very passionate about design. I usually design web templates, design logo's using photoshop and illustrator, and some transition animations in flash. Pencil sketching and painting are my hobbies. I want to settle in this field so that where i can excel in design work. What kind of work should i send to the universities as portfolio during admissions??? Can u help me out in finding a grad school which fits my profile?? List some of the grad schools and their tution fee for international students
  9. I have completed my undergraduation in electronics and communication engineering, simultaneously i have done with 6months course in graphic design from a reputed institution . Is it possible to do masters in graphic design in usa universities?? And what are the requirements for getting admission???
  10. hi, I have completed my 6months course in web & graphic design which include adobe photoshop,dreamweaver, flash, illustrator and Indesign. I am an Indian student holdin undergraduate degree in electronics and communication engineering. Am i eligible to apply and send my portfolio's to american universities to seek admission?? PLEASE SUGGEST ME!!! any kind of suggestions are welcome.
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