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  1. With having a limited ability in a language should I mention it in my SOP or place on applications? I've heard most applications ask about this. Would I be hurting myself to not put a language on there? To be more specific in my ability, I can understand quite a bit (listening and reading), but I CANNOT speak it.
  2. I'm planning on apply to about 15 programs. Been saving up and plan on doing applications in waves. Drop a ton, be poor and not be able to eat for a month, drop another ton, be poor and not be able to eat for a month, repeat as needed.
  3. What is the opinion on applying to lit programs and not having a reading/writing ability yet? I know we have to take proficiency courses, but what if we do not already have that under our belt? Do you think it will hinder acceptance? I don't have any notable foreign language ability. I took 2 Spanish courses in undergrad (received B in courses) and have a very basic understanding. Not anything I would probably indicate that I have proficiency. Should I indicate on applications that I have a basic undersanding in Spanish?
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