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  1. ADLNYC-Thank you so much for your help! John Jay is quickly becoming my top choice for grad school-the concentration in queer studies plus the professors doing research on terrorism plus location makes it pretty appetizing! Now I just have to start talking to professors there...
  2. I go to a undergrad school in Nebraska! Omaha's a pretty fun city, and UNO has a great criminology dept. Good people, good program.
  3. Sort of unrelated-Is it common to apply to a PHD with just a bachelor's degree? Or is a research intensive master's degree expected?
  4. Thanks Wicked_Problem! Anyone else have any ideas? It's really a challenge to find good people working within this subfield, so I may end up looking at feminist theory expert professors instead...
  5. Is anyone in the U.S. doing ANY interesting work relating to Queer Criminology? I've done some initial searching but I'm not finding much. I'm interested in applying next year, and I would love to find a POI who is doing some work with or relating to queer criminology.
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