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  1. Thank you for responding... The reason why I am going directly to grad school, is funding; my grandmother who is helping pay my undergrad tuition plans on helping me with my MSW. I am very interested in helping people, and volunteering at the women's shelter has opened my eyes into the career. I also plan on volunteering at a homeless shelter Saturday nights, and I am trying to get two research opportunities relating to my women's studies major. I really want to go to U Penn or NYU so I really need to do as much as possible to make my self qualified.
  2. Dear Reader, I'm currently a senior graduating May 2014 with a dual degree in Law and Women's Studies. I'm interested in getting my masters in social work, however I'm puzzled as to how I can make myself stand out from the vast majority of individuals applying for the MSW. I thought that I could post on here to get advice from accepted individuals in the MSW program. My main questions are: how important is GPA, is there a GPA that is too low? How important are extra curricular activities, such as leadership positions in student organizations? And How important is having volunteering o
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