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  1. Haha! It certainly sounds like we used similar SOP approaches, and I've realized the same thing you have: I can't stand out TOO much, or else they won't have anywhere to put me! If you don't mind my asking, who is the author you focused on in your SOP? I wrote my MA Thesis on D.H. Lawrence, and I mentioned him in my SOP, but i'm not sure if mentioning a specific author at all was a good way to go... I'm not sure yet. Obviously, there are tons of other authors I'm interested in writing on. And I also completely agree with you about the WAY they choose people. I really think that if all the
  2. Really?! I was looking into the UC schools, but I haven't gotten to that point in my research where I started looking at faculty. Thank you SO much for the recommendation, because I am absolutely going to look into it now. Like I said, finding someone who actually lists "war literature" as a research interest is pretty rare! You are going to be starting there in the fall I see? Congratulations!
  3. Thanks for your input everyone. Last year, I applied to 15 schools and was wait listed on only one. I was the next person to get into the program if anybody declined their admission, but shockingly NOBODY did, so I didn't make it in. This year I will be reapplying to the school that I got wait listed for since the DGS encouraged me to, and am applying to 15 schools again. However, I am completely re-thinking the way that I choose the schools that I will apply to. Last year, I did not pay too much attention to fit because I didn't fully understand where I fit best. My specialty is 20th cent
  4. Hello all! I just graduated from my MA program this May, and will be reapplying again for English Lit Ph.D. programs for Fall 2013. In my MA program, I was also a Teaching Assistant, so needless to say I was pulling my hair out for the last year of my program trying to balance school work, teaching, and 15 Ph.D. applications. Oh yeah, and I just got married in July too! I just think I was taking on SO much in one year. Despite my hardest efforts, I didn't make it in to any programs for this fall, but I'm looking forward to the opportunity to do it all over again having learned what I di
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