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  1. Sorry for the late reply. I've been mulling over everything you guys have said, as well as talked to my parents/sent emails to Professors/advisor to see what they thought. Once I head back to school, I'm going to have a meeting with my academic advisor to discuss options. I've really taken everything stated here in this thread to heart, and I'm starting to think a year off could be beneficial for me. I want to make sure I have the best chance possible to get into the programs I choose to apply to, and I want to be able to carefully decide my concentration area. To me, senior year and writing m
  2. Hey guys, thanks for all the really helpful responses. I want to reply to some of the cocerns, but first of all, I really wanted to say thank you! I really need to back up my advisor because he has been the most helpful person to me during my undergraduate experience. He's a young guy (I'm not EXACTLY sure, but no older than 35), so he isn't very far removed from the whole process. I don't think he's out of touch. I simply think that I'm the most promising student he's had in recent years (that is looking to go for a PhD, I would never assume to say I'm the most promising out of everyone, c
  3. Hi everyone! I've seen a few others post things similar to here, and I'm just wondering if any of you are able to give me some similar advice. I'm about to be a senior at a small liberal arts school in the Northeast. It isn't well known by any means, and it isn't a top schools in the country, either, if you understand what I mean. Just a pretty decent school. I'm looking at applying to graduate schools for a PhD in history - right now, I'm probably going to look at studying American History (or some type of similar major/concentration/whatever its called at that particular school). I have r
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