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  1. Thanks for the advice! I have a PI picked out at the institution I'd like to attend...I'll ask some students in his lab if it's possible to start the summer before when I go on the visitation weekend.
  2. So now that many grad programs have started sending out admission decisions, I've been thinking about what to do the summer in between undergraduate and graduate school. I'm seeing that most REUs and internships don't sponsor students beyond their senior year. Would it be a good idea to apply for temp jobs in industry? Or do many grad programs allow rising first years to start the summer before their program begins?
  3. Hello! I'm applying for chemistry PhD programs this fall. I just received my GRE scores: Q: 158 V: 156 W: 4 Will a 4 on the writing section hurt in the application process? Or do programs not really even look at the writing section? Thanks!
  4. So I took the GRE earlier this week and did much worse than I expected....I arrived sort of late at the testing center and wasn't greeted well by the proctors and it just made the experience pretty horrible. Anyway, I got: Verbal: 156 Quantitative: 152 I was scoring around 157-161 on practice exams in both sections. I'm a chemistry major with a 3.81 GPA, great research experience, probably amazing recs, and awesome professional connections. I plan on applying to top PhD programs for fall 2013. I just wanted to get a second opinion before I spend another $175 on the exam, haha. I should probably retake it though, right?
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