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NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship Proposals


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I held one for the last two years of grad school. There are no published successful examples that I know of. Mostly because this is a real proposal with our actual research plans, so it's not really a good idea to put that out publicly. However, I highly recommend speaking to students in your program that have one in the past and asking if they would be willing to share their proposal. I always share my proposal with other students at my program because I knew them and trusted them to keep it safe. I also had a former student share theirs with me and it was helpful.

I'd be happy to discuss tips/strategies and share what info I knew from my application years etc. but unfortunately, I am not quite comfortable sharing my materials on an internet forum! Hope you understand!

Which program are you applying to?

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Thanks! That makes a lot of sense.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to connect with anyone on my campus who has applied (nor have I found any PIs who have had their students apply either).

I am applying to the Planetary Science program. I have gotten pretty good feedback on my proposal, but it's a new feeling for me to go in blind, without knowing what a successful application "looks like". Something I'm going to have to get used to, I imagine!

Thanks again for your response.

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Can you send me some more details in a private message? I want to help out as much as I can since it really disadvantages you to not have these connections. We have whole workshops and such to help us prepare at my PhD school and several people win each year in Planetary Science. So if you are interested, let's talk more offline?

(But if you are happy with the feedback you already have and don't want/need further feedback, then please don't feel like you need to talk to me about it! Just offering in case you want it)

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