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Asking Questions / Communicating before and after Interviews?


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Many of the POIs I've been invited to interview with have repeatedly stressed that they're open to answering questions (via email or phone) before Interview Weekend and after Interview Weekend. In one case, I've been accepted, and haven't been interviewed yet.

However, I haven't taken them up on their offers. I prefer to ask questions during the interview in person, which is why I don't ask questions beforehand. I also don't like asking questions after the interview, as it's psychologically more comforting for me to wait, get admits, then ask more questions/make decisions. Could my policy be seen as a disinterest in their program, and possibly affect my admission chances?

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I would like an answer to this question as well... my interviewer also encouraged questions after the interview but i'd rather wait till i get the admit and then ask all the questions. What questions could we possibly ask anyway that we havn't already during the interview?

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At all three of my interviews the profs (I met at least 4 at each school) encouraged me to email them with further questions. I felt I had already gotten my most important questions answered, and (more importantly?) gotten a good feel for the program. Like you, I decided to wait to ask questions until after acceptances (or not at all if they were rejections).

I had written after the visits to thank them for my time, but did not ask further questions. I don't know how this came off to them, good or bad. What I do know is that I was accepted to two of those programs (and withdrew from the third). So even if it seems to be disinterest, it couldn't affect their decision too strongly. (But again, I made sure to reiterate my interest in their program when I emailed them).

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