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Georgia State COM Program

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From what I hear, they have a great program. I liked what I read on their website as well. I applied for a PhD in Public Communication. Anyone know anything about GSU? Anyone applied there?

Skiergirl, I was going to apply there and two people from my program who are into media studies/critical-cultural and gender studies applied to the program (which is why I didn't apply..three people from one school is too much) Here is the advice I received on the program

Pros: Awesome faculty, diverse classes, interesting research topic areas (audience studies etc), up and coming program, if u are interested in NEWS/Media CNN is right there, pretty cool city.

Cons: new program so not many PHDs out there and the graduates get dwarfed by graduates from bigger name/"established" programs when competing for faculty positions (this wont always be the case, but it will take years to get there), commuter campus downtown and little school spirit or community, "4th tier" school so other programs not as strong which means possible average interdisciplinary opportunities

Hope this helps!

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