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Advice needed about masters programs.


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I am currently a senior undergraduate Psychology student. My long-term goal is to get into a Ph.D. program in Clinical Psych. I have been a straight A student all of my life, but, because of some health issues during my first few years of college, I am only going to be graduating with a 2.9. My psych GPA is a 3.8. Because of this, I am looking into getting my masters first in order to raise my GPA and get some research experience. I am not worried about the GRE, since I am a good test taker and I know I can get a high score (especially in the verbal).

At my school's MA program there is a clinical track and a standard track. The clinical track takes about 3 semesters longer than the standard track. In my state, there is no distinction between licensed psychologists with MA degrees or Phd's. After I get my masters I plan to apply to some out of state PhD programs.

Either way, I am going to focus on research and a thesis. I guess I am hoping to get some opinions on a few things:

  1. Would pursuing the clinical track make sense, considering the fact that I plan to go get my PHD immediately afterward and that my license won't apply in other states?

  2. How much of a difference would it make from an admissions standpoint if I chose one over the other? Especially considering my low undergrad GPA. Theoretically, if I got a great GRE score, and a high graduate GPA during my MA program, would getting the standard version of the degree be enough?

I'm sorry for the long post. I would appreciate any help that I can get.

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