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Having Difficulty Deciding on a Public Health Concentration (MPH)


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I entered my MPH program as a Community Health concentration (or its equivalent). However, now I'm having doubts about sticking with it because I'm afraid that it's not as marketable as other concentrations (ex. Epi/Biostats). I was considering switching into Epi/Biostats, but community health is a little more interesting in me (though I do appreciate aspects of Epi/Biostats). Has anyone else been in a similar situation and can offer some advice?

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49 minutes ago, Gradstudentforlife said:

I think there are merits to the community health stream. It opens the doors to a lot of different job opportunities (think health promotion, public health policy, etc.) that epi and biostats just wouldn't. Unless you are aiming for a data analysis job, I would say stay in the community health stream. In terms of marketability, well that depends on your hustle! I think you can use the community health stream to your advantage when you apply to jobs, as you can market yourself as knowledgable in so many different domains vs just data. My 2 cents!

Thanks! Are you currently a PhD student in public health? 

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39 minutes ago, Gradstudentforlife said:

Yes I am! I did not do an MPH, although I did a MPH-type undergrad and worked in the field for a bit!

Thank you for your help! Did you concentrate in community health or something similar? How was the job market for you? What would hustling entail (coursework, just being persistent, etc.)? Thanks!  

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