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changed mind about scholarship acceptance...


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I was offered a scholarship which basically would pay for the first year of my masters and (after four rejections for other scholarships) decided to accept as they needed the reply asap.

Now, I've been offered another scholarship which covers two years, plus travel and other benefits.

Has anyone ever taken back a scholarship acceptance? I'm not sure what to do... Both are for the same program and offered by external foundations.

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I would contact the organization behind your first scholarship offer and inform them of your situation. Most likely, they will allow you to decline their scholarship. As a general matter, I cannot imagine that promises to accept a financial offer (or matriculate at a particular institution) could be legally bending. I am sure they can still find someone else who would be happy to accept it.

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The same situation happened to me, but I couldn't retract my acceptation of the first (1year) scholarship. I contacted the second organism offering me the 2 years funding, and they told me I could refuse their first year, and when the other scholarship is finished, take the second year they offered me. So even if I couldn't refuse the first one, since I had accepted it, the second one, was valid for the second year.

they always have solution for us don't worry

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You will not be required to accept money from the first institution, and I'm sure they will appreciate the chance to offer their scholarship to another candidate. Go with the second offer since it sounds better. As nice as a scholarship is, you owe no loyalty to those who offer if you haven't yet received any money. Go with your best interests in this case.

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