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lab with best fit at UCSB vs Yale for Chemistry/physics grad school


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Got acceptance offers from Yale and UCSB Chemistry Grad programs for fall 2018.
I am an international student applied from an unknown undergrad school. I had a Skype talk with the professor from UCSB physics and  I loved the projects  and his attitude. Then, Yale accepted me. I like two or three labs there but I am kind of stuck with the other lab. Am i being close minded? I will possibly find something fascinating in Yale but the other lab was amazing. Anyone with similar experiences or who has visited both places? If I go to UCSB what would I miss that Yale would offer?

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I'm a bit confused, you got accepted for Chemistry programs, but had a Skype talk with physics prof? Are you doing theory/physical chem? 

Generally speaking UCSB has a better physics reputation than Yale, but Yale has a better chemistry reputation. In chemical theory particularly, Yale has an amazing reputation, and a couple very very strong professors. Also in terms of living environment UCSB and Yale are polar opposites. UCSB is in the middle of a beach paradise, Yale is in the middle of a cold crime ridden city. Both have their ups and downs, but you should certainly consider environment in your decision, as it will probably have an  affect your productivity. 

That being said, if you've found a lab whose research you find deeply fascinating with a PI you think you'll gel really well with, I'd suggest going with your gut. Otherwise you might always regret what might have been if only you'd have joined that amazing lab. 

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