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New to this. Help! (MSW Fall 2018)


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Hey folks,

This seems like it might be a common question but I couldn't find it after a couple different searches.

I completed FAFSA in December and have gotten into two Chicago area schools for social work (UofC and UIC.) One provided a small scholarship but no mention of a financial aid letter and the other asks students to accept their spot before the school provides aid info. Is this typically how it works? Is it customary to put down a deposit and accept a spot without knowing if you have aid? Obviously you can secure aid from a lot of outside resources, but I feel like I'm missing something.

~Help a dummy out



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Did you fill out FAFSA? If so, financial aid packages usually arrives separate from offer letters. A department or program will make an offer of scholarships and/or grants or other funding but loan offers are dependent on your FAFSA application. 

I'd let them know you are considering multiple programs and while you are definitely interested in their program, you need more information regarding financial aid and scholarship offers to make an informed decision. 

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At UIC Did you get accepted into the 2 year program or the advanced standing? I’m currently waiting on a decision for the advanced standing program and I’m wondering what other people’s GPAs and resumes were like. I’m worried about not getting in. I feel like my chances are low. Would you care to share? Thank you! 

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