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Interview with Collaborator


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Hello everyone, 

I have an interview coming up with my POI's collaborator. I am not entirely sure what questions I should be asking at this type of interview as I am not confirmed to be working under them as well.. They are a professor at the university that my POI works frequently with on research projects. 

Does anyone have any tips or ideas for what types of questions I should ask? 

I really appreciate it. 

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Perhaps you can ask more general questions related to that university and program. What are the opportunities to collaborate among researchers? Is this common at the graduate level too? You can also ask to reach out to their graduate students to see if they can provide other insight. 

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I might ask how the collaboration got started, what direction the POI imagines it taking in the next 5-10 years, how students have been involved in the past; and then broader questions, is this common, how it's funded. You probably won't need to ask more than 1-2 questions at the end of the interview. 

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