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Is there still chance for UCB EE phd?


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I applied for the EECS MS/PhD program of UC Berkeley for Fall 2018 in IC track.

I got interviewed from my POI around the middle of the January, who is in the admission committee this year. He told me that I was on the top of the shortlist candidates. Although he asked me some challenging questions on my research, he said I did perfectly in the interview. From the past experience, candidates who receivced inteviews have great possibility of admission in the IC track and POI even confirm this while interviewing my classmates(we have two candidates received interview this year).

I was thinking that I am really close to my dream school. However, I didn't received anything on Feb 3rd, when I saw several admissions for UCB EECS on the gradcafe. More surprisingly, my classmate didn't get admission either, which is almost impossible based on the past situations.

Does anybody has or had the same situation like me? Or does anyone know anything about it? It really hard for me these days.

Another bothering thing is that another classmate of mine who didn't received interview got admitted. He had a chat with one of the professors last November, who was not in the committee this year. It is kind of ridiculous I think.

Well, I still hoping I might heard something from UCB before I got the rejection.:(

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