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Dear Professional Advice Medal Holders,

I am a high school chemistry teacher doubling up as a sales rep for an educational technology firm.

I am quite tired of getting these young ones to stop questioning my intent when I tell them that It is correct for their parents to push them for a career in engineering when they are reprimanded on getting confused and falling asleep in my class. I am also fed up with convincing parents to buy software for their kids so that the kids could stop wasting their time playing crappy games on cell phones and be a bit actually interested in science when they could only think as far as how much commission I am getting out of my sale. I am also a bit exasperated when my so called girlfriends refuse to go out romantically after a few dates because their parents think that I will never have a career and should only be thought of as a good friend.

So, I've bit the bait and got my GRE and Toefl scores so that I can get out of this horrible situation which I am unworthy of and find my place along those upper middle class dinner tables where even after admiring my table manners, the mothers only thinks of me as a fabulous shopping companion for their daughters.

My hopes rest on you fine, gracious and sympathetic fellows who could tell me about what I can do with all this paper work that I somehow managed to accumulate over futile hopes of impressing my mum's friends when in fact they got their daughter married off to complete idiots who could not spell their name properly till 3rd grade and are completely incapable of making any sense in a conversation that spills over a 100 words.

To put my wheedling on a break and get on with some data, My scores and Profile is as under:

GRE: Quant-160, Verbal-157, AW-5.5, Toefl: 116, Super Fab Extra Curricular certificates.

Bachelor of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee in Pulp and Paper Engineering with a 6.01 average out of 10 with as many as 10 repeat papers which I finally manage to finish in December of 2011 and was graciously escorted out of the campus while being made clear in no uncertain terms that I were never to return and that they were throwing a commemorative tea party later that day to celebrate my absence.

Tricking gullible kids into paying me to babysit them in guise of chemistry tuition since then.

Hoping to get a funded program in USA or the first world that I could get on with my joke of a savings that are further grievously insulted by the currency exchange rate.   

Any and all suggestions are expressly solicited.   

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