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UT-Knoxville MSW Financial info


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Hello !

Accepted into MSW program at UT-Knoxville online and I was wondering has any recent graduate or current grad student have any insight on when they will send out the financial information or what previous financial packages have looked like?

It is price point here for me and although it is my first choice, I may have to review some other options if it gets too high. 

I plan on working and completing the program. I recently moved back to TN and was hit with out of state for at least the first semester, so I'm just trying to figure some things out.


Any help, insight, advice, suggestions, or just general encouragement is greatly appreciated 

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I got accepted into the UT Nashville campus and recently asked when to expect to hear back about any scholarship awards. Their Director of Enrollment Services, Jen, told me "scholarship recipients will be notified by the end of March, but it might be longer than that." Which is interesting since the deadline for my seating fee can't be extended past March 27th.

I've been living in Nashville for 1.5 years and somehow got hit with out-of-state tuition. I'm hoping this was an error and I can submit a residency appeal to change this because my decision to accept their offer is solely dependent on tuition.

However, I'd definitely encourage you to reach out to Jen if you have any other questions! She's been willing to help me with my out-of-state tuition issue.

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