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PhD Admissions Chances in Finance/Economics?


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I want to apply for a PhD in Finance, possibly Economics in a couple of years. I'm wondering what are my chances of being admitted into a top 10 program?

I studied my undergrad at NYU Stern, double majoring in math and business with a concentration in finance. My overall GPA was a 3.71, but this was mostly due to a bad freshman year. After freshman year my GPA was around 3.85/3.9.

My GRE scores are Q: 167, V: 163 and W: 5

I'm currently a masters student getting my MSc in Finance and Economics from LSE. Based off the mid year exams I'm on track to get distinction, though we'll have to wait until the end of the year to know for sure.

I was a research assistant for a year in my undergrad. It was honestly mostly just monkey work, not much to say if asked about it in an interview.

The next 2 years I'll be working as a research assistant at the Fed. I'll be working for two Senior Economists and they said that it's likely that I'll have the opportunity to coauthor a paper.

Given all this, what would be my chances in a top 10 school like Chicago, HBS, Princeton, etc? Am I on track or is there something else that I should be doing?

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Are you an international student?


Sorry I cannot give some decent advice for your concern.

Do you know who in your program receive the offer from LSE Fin PhD? I am on the waiting list and I wonder whether they would give them up.

BTW, how do you think about your program? My supervisor suggest me if I am not admitted by PhD program this year, I should go to your program to get a stronger background.

Is that hard to get distinction?

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