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Biology or Microbiology MS Programs



Hi guys and gals. I applied to 8 Microbiology PhD programs this year, but with 5 rejections and 3 I haven't heard from, I am looking into Masters programs in Biology and Microbiology. I'm coming from a school in west Texas called Angelo State University, and we aren't big in undergraduate research. Some of my weaknesses are the various molecular techniques that are commonplace in research today, but we have little exposure to in our Biology undergrad program (unless you have the right research mentor). I'm hoping to find MS programs that are strong in this area to help round me out, before I apply to more PhD programs. I would love to find a program that also offers research assistantships to students working towards their MS, but that would be a plus. If you have any recommendations feel free to leave them in this thread. Thank you 

-Also if you would like to check out my current work with Pseudomonas aeruginosa, check out this link to my research gate project:


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do not do a masters! I helped out with admissions at a (top rated) microbiology PhD program I'm at now and masters don't help! what you should do is GET A POST-BAC. if you're  URM (low income also counts if you're not a POC!) there's a program called PREP (https://www.nigms.nih.gov/Training/PREP/Pages/default.aspx) that you apply to do to post-bac research for the express purpose of helping you get into grad programs. if you are not URM you can apply for any job posting at a good research university in your area. but no matter what, please please please DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME on a masters!!! I saw so many great candidates who we had to turn down because they did a bachelors at a small non-research oriented school and then did a masters in which they also did pretty small-time research. candidates that went from low research activity undergrads to high research activity universities for even a year of post-bac immediately shot up in qualification for us. I hope this helps!

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