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Counseling Psychology PhD Decision Help


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Go with the program you're most drawn to. You can weigh funding, prestige/ranking (if that's something you care about), location and costs of living in that area as well...You can even weigh if you would prefer to stay in that area after networking and completing your PhD. Maybe how well you clicked with the POI/faculty & other students. I mean...it all comes down to you and what's important for you during the next 5, tumoltrous years. Best of luck! 

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Do you want to go into academia or practice? 

If academia: Go to the student's admissions, outcomes, etc. pdf on the Counseling Psychology program's website, each APA accredited program is required to post this. First make sure they have a 90-100% match rate for APA internships and then scroll all the way to the bottom for licensure %. If the % is above 90% of graduates, the program may be more clinically oriented. Other things that are important is your POI's research productivity, are they publishing consistently and in top tier journals (Journal of Counseling Psychology etc.). 

If you are interested in clinical practice: Does the program have a dedicated Director of Clinical Training, ie. are they faculty taking on students conducting research or clinical faculty. Does the program have a clinic where you can get your first practicum experiences on-site? and Is there a good variety of externships available to get supervision hours locally/some schools you need to travel an 40mins-1hour to get good externships. Make sure to check the student's admissions, outcomes, etc. pdf and see % of students matching to APA accredited internships. If my primary goal was to practice I would only consider schools with 100% match rate the last 3-5 years.

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