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For theoretical CS, UBC MS VS Princeton MSE

Linda Cai

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Pros for Princeton: 

1) Very reputed at TCS, have more high profile professors in TCS

2) Very strong math department to potentially collaborate with

3) Full funding and tuition waiver

Cons for Princeton:

1) Very skewed towards complexity theory and theoretical machine learning. (I have never tried the above topics and don't know if I will like them, however I might be interested in TML, I've always been frustrated with black box ML algorithms)

2) No idea about availability of professors, no visit invite 

Pros for UBC:

1) Potential advisor in an area I am interested in and have already worked on (approximation algorithms) contacted me 

2) Because of 1) probably can start writing thesis first semester there

3) Full funding and tuition waiver (although less than Princeton's by 10k)

Cons for UBC:

1) In Canada (as an international student IDK if I would still be able to get US internship) 

2) Not as well known outside of Canada (e.g. for US local companies etc)

What do you guys think? 

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