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Master of Management in Analytics

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Canadian business schools open up Master of Management in Analytics degrees this year (McGill, U of T, earlier Queens) . This seems to be something that's unique to Canadian business schools since no where else offer this degree. Master of Business Analytics degrees are more commonly offered by business school. 

They cost around $40,000 for about 10 months of training, and since they are new, there is no employment data. Hardly any graduate talks about it online either. I want to get into the data science field but I lack the technical background, so the syllabus seems relevant to me.


My question is:

1. Do I become more employable for beginner data science roles with this degree? What is the demand for this degree? 

2. What is the different between business analytics and management analytics? 







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I have been admitted to one of these programs and would love to chat with you for any information, however, I believe the ddl for program I am in has passed. If you still wanted to contact, imessage me 248654250@qq.com or find me through facebook Xuchen Chen.

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