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calculating GPA across multiple decades and institutions


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I'm an older student preparing to apply to graduate schools in statistics and biostatistics for Fall 2019.  

I have attended a total of 6 schools (3 community colleges (CCs) and 3 separate universities, where I earned my BS, my MA, and then did PhD coursework for a year) from 1993 to present (I'm taking classes at a community college. It's fun.).  I'm afraid my transcripts are kind of a mess: 

  • CC1, 1993: Cs. (in theater.  I was 13 years old.)
  • CC2, 2005: ~3.82?  (earned my AA)
  • BS, 2008: 3.4? (I failed a class unrelated to my major the first semester. I was suffering from severe homesickness (I went to school across the country, leaving old, sick parents), weather shock and culture shock (Southern California to NY). But got As in my major and a couple Bs otherwise)
  • MA, 2010: 3.5 
  • PhD coursework, 2011: 3.6 or 7? I focused on applying for jobs the second semester, and I honestly never looked.  
  • CC3, present: 4.0 (Science & Business classes (and some PE)) 

I'm considering schools in the US and abroad, including the UK.  I think the calculation of a GPA in this kind of situation is somewhat subjective. 

Does anyone have any feedback about how these GPAs might be used to calculate an overall GPA to translate my academic experience to other systems? 

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Usually you don't have to worry about it. You just submit your transcripts and the admissions committee determines the GPA the way they want to do it. It can vary for each program. Even for a candidate with only 1 transcript, it can really vary as some schools might calculate a metric that might be the GPA for the last 2 years, or maybe only the major courses etc.

And even when you need to enter the GPA itself onto the application form, they usually ask it for each school/program separately. I can't think of any accurate way to combine GPAs from multiple programs.

Finally, many schools might only want transcripts from degree programs or from programs that you have completed a degree. So that could really decrease the number of transcripts you have to worry about.

If any particular form is not clear on how to proceed, contact that particular school and ask.

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