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UCSD BMS and Weill Cornell BCMB


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I'm having trouble deciding between two programs: UCSD BMS and Weill Cornell BCMB PhD programs.

My field is stem cell and developmental biology, but I am not laser-focused on any particular topic. There are great faculty at both places.

Quality of life seems better at UCSD (cheaper living, potentially a less pressured atmosphere). UCSD might be a higher quality program, but to what degree would it affect post-grad prospects? Likewise, Weill Cornell seems to be the better name of the two, to a person less familiar with stem cell and developmental bio, but UCSD is also fairly well known.

Looking for new opinions! Is either a clearly better choice from a research perspective? Is one definitively more prestigious than the other? Does quality of living matter all that much given I'll likely be working most of the time?

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