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Yeah, I wouldn't worry too much about it. They're obviously interested in you, and most professors understand the nervousness, since they've also been through this hellish process. Congratulations on the phone call! It's more than what most of us have heard so far.

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On another note, how much advance notice do schools usually give for admit weekends? I am so nervous it is killing me.

Yesterday I was accepted, I have until this Thursday to confirm travel arrangements, admit weekends is February 24th-27th. Kinda short notice, but manageable...Now I am running around trying to get mid-terms moved and get permission to miss classes...lol

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If a Prof. calls you and says all that, he WANTS to make a case for you, and wants to see if you are eager enough for him to take the effort to do so. You already convinced him with the application. He was seeing how pumped up you were. The one factual question about methods was practically an excuse on his part.

Don't worry. If you don't get in I'd be shocked. Perhaps though he can't get you quite full funding.

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