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M.Arch at University of Virginia vs. at California College of the Arts

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Hi everyone,

I am hoping to find out how the professional M.Arch course (2 year)  at UVA compares with the one at CCA. I'm an international applicant and funding wise, they are working out to be similar in my case. So I am trying to make a decision based on the quality of the program itself.  

UVA, at Charlottesville seems to be higher up in most graduate architecture school rankings, but CCA is pretty well networked in the Bay Area and is in a city. 

Any input about how they compare would be appreciated!


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Depends on where you want to work. If you want to work in Virginia, the South, or the East Coast then I would stick with UVA. If you want to work in California or the bay area then you have the CCA. Also UVA has a small college town environment vs CCA has a urban environment. UVA, however has a larger national reputation, and is more well known and networked nationally. You would probably have a larger range of where you could get a job. CCA is more of a regional school, and keep in mind there is high competition and high rent in San Francisco. Architecture schools can be regional, and you want to make sure you would be okay working and living in the region of the school. Money is a factor too, rural Virginia is cheaper then Urban San Francisco. And what concentration do you want? CCA is more art, abstract and theory focused. UVA has departments in regional planning and historic preservation as well as architecture, while they do have abstract work, I feel it is more practical. So which school to go to is all up to your interests. I suggest you look at the work on both websites, look into what you want to do as a architect, where you want to live and work, what housing you can afford and if you can go to both open houses (although it is expensive). If you would like to discuss further just let me know.

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