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Trinity College Dublin or University College Dublin


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Hey! I am new to this, so forgive me if I am missing helpful info. I have just been accepted to Trinity College Dublin for the Art History MPhil, as well as to both the History and Art History MA programs at University College Dublin. I am American but my research interests brought me to applying for programs in Ireland.  I would like to expand upon the research I conducted for my undergraduate thesis, which focused on the possible Celtic influences on Mont-Saint-Michel. I am unsure as to whether I would like to ultimately go into curating or academia. I am almost sold on accepting Trinity's offer and applying for their Global Excellence Scholarship ; however, the ARTH faculty at UCD has been incredibly inviting and even asked for a Skype interview, in which they proceeded to tell me how I would be a terrific fit. I believe they will offer at least partial funding, as the History program did. Help!! Have any American students had success with applying for funding at Trinity?  Should I just be content with the acceptance even if it is not on scholarship? Thankfully, full tuition is a small fraction of what it would cost in the US.... 

EDIT: I suppose I should add some details. Graduated in May 2017 with 3.98 GPA from a solid state school in New York with two majors, French and Art History, and two minors, Spanish and Museum Studies. I am fluent in French (passed C1 DALF exam following course at the Sorbonne), advanced in Spanish. I utilize both languages in my research. I have not yet taken the GRE. I am also wondering if an MPhil at Trinity would place me in decent standing for a PhD in the US? It appears Trinity is ranked fairly well worldwide but I would appreciate anyone's insight. Thank you.

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