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Hey everyone!

So I applied for several masters in counseling, and so far I've been accepted by University of Florida, Florida International University and was wait-listed by Florida State University. I am really unsure of what I should do. On one hand FIU is appealing because I have family that lives in Miami, and I know the area well. On the other hand I know UF is considered a more prestigious school and is well known, but the drawbacks for me is that their program is longer than most because it requires more credits (2  1/2 - 3 years). I am not sure if the extra year and extra tuition money are worth it. I am still waiting to hear from FSU. I am having a hard time making this decision, if anyone could give me some advice or input on the matter and their opinion on the school or program (if you are familiar with it) it would be greatly appreciated!

One last thing. My acceptance letter did not mention funding. Could someone help me word an email where I thank them for the acceptance letter and ask about funding without accepting the offer? Thanks!


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I don't know about these specific programs, but I do know about the overall psych programs at FIU and FSU.

I worked at FIU at the Summer Treatment Program a few years back. Let me tell you... they are what made my decision to pursue ABA, which is what I'm doing now. So I dont really know about the counseling program per say, but I do know that the clinical psych people I worked there were INCREDIBLE. Amazing school for psych.

I may be going to FSU in the fall for psych. I'm visiting this coming Monday (although i'll be at the PC campus) to see more about it. But from what I've heard and from what I've posted on this forum, it's extremely competitive and an awesome program. Would you be in Tally or Panama City? My only hold back to accepting the offer is the PC campus, but I've heard the Tallahassee campus is awesome. Florida state told me my funding in my acceptance... so I'm pretty sure it would have said. IMO, I would email the coordinator or whoever emailed you the acceptance, and ask who the best contact point would be if you had questions about funding that was non financial-aid related. I did that with FSU when I had additional questions about their funding they gave me!! (PS I'm pretty sure FSU gives full funding for counseling.. i know they do for ABA).


Keep us updated!

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