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Art History MA programs at art schools? Thoughts?


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Hi all, I was wondering what if anyone has applied to MA programs at art schools such as SFAI, CCA, SVA, Pratt, etc? 

Why did you decide to apply to an art school vs. a "traditional" college or university? 

Are there are negative effects to studying art history within an art school? Does this decision have any ramifications in the professional world post-graduation? 

Would love to hear what everyone's thoughts are on this.

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The program at SVA is pretty new but I know some of it’s grads have gone on to have curatorial positions, though not in nyc. They’re trying to be an alternative to bard’s program. They have some funding but it is minimal and the degree is very expensive. I applied, got in, and though I liked the program I ultimately ended up somewhere else. Also, it’s really not an art history program — it’s curatorial studies which is different. You won’t be offered classes on pre-war art for instance. It’s just a different focus from art history. 

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