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I am accepting my offer to OU for the class of 2022 after touring this weekend. I was wondering if anyone started a facebook group so we could all get acquainted! please comment below if you were admitted or if you're planning on attending I want to meet everyone! 

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On 5/22/2018 at 3:18 PM, bellaballerina said:

Hi!! I'm going to OU as well! I can't find a FB page but if you wanna connect with me that would be great! I've been trying to find other members of our class but no luck yet 

Im so glad I finally found someone! you can find me on FB at Cecilia Marie Wilkerson. 

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Congrats everyone! I’m applying to OU next Fall and would love any information you could give me! 

What was your GRE score? GPA? When did they notify you of acceptance? Where are you living, do they have student suites? Etc. Thanks!

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