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Waiting on Pins and Needles


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Hey all,

I was accepted into a top choice a couple of weeks ago. I was notified that I got a TAship and also was nominated for a fellowship. After talking to other accepted into this program (here and elsewhere), I realized that I have been nominated, but they have not. Is it safe to say that this is good news for me and that the department is very interested in me?

As soon as they sent me unofficial notice, I sent them information about visiting and the like. My advisors said this was to my benefit in two ways. 1. I want to be sure this is a good program "fit" for me. And 2, I want to show that I really am serious and this should impress the people looking at giving out fellowships - they want to give out money to serious applicants, I guess. However, I don't know yet about anything.

My official acceptance and funding letter says that the fellowship should be announced by the first week of March - this week. Should I then expect it by the end of this week? Do you think I have a good shot at it?

Based on the criteria listed on the fellowship programs website, I am a top contender. There are many fellowships available. I am just nervous because I will need this money to survive and am very, very nervous. Can anyone put my mind at ease.

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