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MPA/MDP/Env. Mgt: Yale, Columbia, JHU, Berkeley, CMU


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Hello all, I got accepted to the following programs and would highly appreciate your help on deciding.

I studied Political Science with the focus on Public Policy and worked around Sustainable Development in the land-use sector in an international organization for 3 years. Am considering PhD also, but this might change depending on the masters program I choose.

Below are key traits of each school from my point of view:


1. Master of Environmental Management (MEM), Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale 

Pro: Strongest school in Env. management

Con: .... Network is not as widespread as SAIS or SIPA in international organizations?

2. Master of Arts (MA), SAIS, Johns Hopkins University

Pro: Strong network

Con: Not very focused on Env. topics

3. Master of Public Affairs (MPA), SIPA, Columbia

Pro: Strong network; practice orieted curriculum

Con: Program is not intended for tentative phd applicants

4. Master of Development Studies (MDP), UC Berkeley

Pro: Location, Flexible & practice oriented curriculum

Con: Program is not intended for tentative phd applicants (no doctoral program available within the department)

5. Master of Science in Public Policy and Management (MSPPM), Heinz School, Carnegie Mellon University

Pro: Program wise, most inclined to this school as the course is highly technical (data science/analytics for public policy), providing a niche in my field. Received $40,000 funding offer for 2 years (conditional - GPA higher than 3.0/4.0 per semester). 

Con: Not as famous as above schools; location


Thanks for your insight in advance.

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I would be leaning towards Carnegie Mellon 1) because the program would give you an edge/niche and 2) $40k aid is fantastic, esp if you want to add another degree. 

I'd also be inclined towards Berkeley. Berkeley's policy and sustainable development is just incredibly strong. 

Congrats, good luck, and I hope this helps!!! 

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