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Harvard vs. Stanford GSE?

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone is in the same or similar situation choosing between a masters and PhD at graduate schools of education (for which I am very grateful for!) I am choosing between HGSE's EdM and Stanford's PhD program in Education (both are related subfields). I ultimately want to get a PhD in the long run, and HGSE was my first choice due to the fit of a specific lab at HGSE. As I did not get into the PhD program at HGSE, I am considering taking up the Ed.M offer and applying for the PhD again in a year. At the same time, Stanford is also a prestigious school, and it seems insane to think twice about accepting a PhD offer. However, I am concerned about networking opportunities (smaller size of Stanford GSE?) and the fit of the lab which accepted me (it is not that it does not fit- it fits around 85% - but a specific lab at HGSE would be a 100% fit. On a side note, perhaps it is possible to have a secondary lab at Stanford IF the secondary lab promises a better fit?) Assuming that I will not accumulate debt, which program would you advise? Any opinions are welcome! Thank you in advance.

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