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Queens University Cultural Studies vs Gates Scholarship in Cambridge


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I had posted about this earlier but now giving some details:


I am giving an interview for GATES Cambridge wherein I have been selected for the PhD in Multidisciplinary Gender Studies. However, the supervisor I have been assigned, her primary area isn't what my proposed research is about and the entire department itself is Social sciences oriented. My proposed research is Cultural studies/Interdisciplinary in nature and they selected me because I bring something new to their Department. The PhD here is for three years.

Now, I also have a fully funded option of going to a Cultural Studies PhD in Queens University Canada with an impeccable supervisor and also Canadian universities are doing the kind of work I am interested in. The supervisor's interests are in Transgender studies and Cultural production, and I want to work in the same with the field being South Asia.

It's a game between course and prestige. What matters more? If I get through GATES, should I go for Cambridge despite the fact that the supervisor isn't as apt as Queen's (no comparison, really). Does ranking of a uni matter more than the supervisor? I personally feel I did a mistake of applying to Cambridge, which doesn't really have academics working in trans/queer theory as much as "small" universities do. They selected me probably because My research is the first of its kind for their department. As of now, it feels they need me more than I need them.

Please help me out. As of now, I am leaning towards Queens. Being a GATES scholar is tempting, but will it be worth it?

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