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No response after I said yes!


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Long time reader, first time poster. This site has been helpful over the past year or so as I have worked through my PhD application process, so thank you all for posting and sharing!  I can't find an answer to my current predicament, so now I am coming out of the shadows. 

I sent an email to my future advisor early last week to let them know I will be accepting their PhD offer. I sent a followup email yesterday just to ensure they received my message. I still have not heard back which is very uncharacteristic of this person based on my previous interactions and their reputation. I feel like the topic of my email is important enough to merit a quick, "Great news! Very busy at the moment, but I will be in touch soon." So now my mind is going into worst case scenario mode.

On Monday I know I need to call someone at the university to keep my sanity, but I am not sure who.  My first instinct is to call the advisor, but I also don't want to push too much because I already emailed a couple times.  I could also call the graduate coordinator with whom I have been in touch to see if I can get more information about whether my advisor is sick or traveling. Another option would be to contact one of the advisor's graduate students that I know.

Anyone have thoughts or advice? Did this happen to you and if so how did things resolve?

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If you followed up yesterday, you should to wait beyond Monday to call. You could talk to a grad student you know off the record, though I'm not exactly sure what you'd ask them (or for that matter a random person at the program). FWIW, it's spring break in many places, so that might be a factor. 

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