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PhD in Germany & DAAD Scholarship


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Hi everyone! It is my first time asking a question in a forum about the topic PhD in Germany & DAAD Scholarship. I know that I have to find a program first before applying for DAAD scholarship. Can you shed light on the following queries:

(1) What tips can you provide for me to qualify the DAAD scholarship (to those who are qualified, still on the scholarship or alumni)? 

(2) Is there any cut-off on how much they are accepting?

(3) If, for instance, the program I got in was fully funded (like a monthly salary), I am still allowed or qualified to be a DAAD scholar (provided that my potential adviser wrote a supporting letter for me)?

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I'm not sure if you have got the answer yet but just in case you haven't.

I just received the award last week. Also from an SEA country. The general answer is: it depends on the area. The selection committee is usually made up of professors from your country and from Germany. Together they will make the selection the decision and then send the 'nomination list' to DAAD in Bonn. There DAAD will finalise the selection. That's why the selection criteria depend largely on the local DAAD. Usually, you can see the criteria in the grant announcement/advert on DAAD website. From what I see personally though, you are usually expected to have good GPA, a strong recommendation from your potential supervisor, a good and well-thought-out research proposal and if applicable, good performance at the interview. But then it really depends. Sometimes it's a combination of things. As for me, my GPA was OK, I didn't have any publication but I got really good references from my university professors and the interview went really well. In fact, I was told that the interview was the only reason why they decided to give me the last scholarship. I think I was extremely lucky. 

The cut-off depends on the area. For my country this year, out of over a hundred applied, only 26 were invited for an interviewed and 6 were selected. If you already have another funding, you won't be eligible to received DAAD funding anymore. In that case, you have to notify DAAD as soon as possible.

Hope it helps. 




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