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PhD in Sociology CUNY or Albany


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I have funded offers from those two programs. Could you please help me decide?



Pros: rank (28th), stipend (28K/year for 5 years), location

Cons: department and current students don't seem very supportive or friendly 



Pros: attention and support from students and facluty

Cons: rank (36th), stipend (17k/year for 4 years), location


Although I originally wanted to go to CUNY,  I don't know if I like the department culture there. Some people work outside and students have to teach their own classes at a CUNY college from second year. As far as I know, many don't get funding and work menial jobs. I felt cohort members don't really hang out together. I saw almost no collaboration between faculty members and students that resulted in publication at CUNY.

On the other hand, everyone gets funding at Albany and there are ample opportunities to work on projects and publish papers with faculty. Students work as a TA/RA for two professors for 3 years.

I feel like I have to be on my own and know what I'm doing at CUNY while Albany will hold my hands and show me what I'm supposed to do. I'm torn.






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