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Decision: Duke MPP vs. La Follette MPA

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Hi all,

I found out today that I got a fellowship at La Follette that would cover full tuition + a living stipend (woo!) and I also have an offer of full tuition from Duke.  I'm particularly interested in U.S. K-12 education policy, and I'm interested in building up my quantitative skills - I've spent the last few years working at an education nonprofit. Longer term, I'm interested in working on K-12 ed policy at a state level.

Not going into debt is a huge factor for me, which makes Wisconsin's offer particularly enticing. I'm struggling a bit with the decision, and would love thoughts/perspectives/advice! Was anyone here able to go to La Follette's visit day? What are your thoughts?



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I'm a 1st year MPP at Sanford.  This sounds like a pretty personal decision given the financial aspect, but you might want to check out the Sanford 2018 thread (which I believe got bumped to page 2).  I also answered another prospective student in the "stats" thread who was worried about the quant side of Sanford's curriculum.  Sanford does have a strong education/social policy pedigree, and probably a good 15-20% of my cohort is going into that field (most of them former educators like myself).

Feel free to message me directly.  Will you be able to make it to the Open House next Friday?  Also I can guarantee you that the NC climate beats Wisconsin, if that's a big deal to you :D

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K-12 ed policy at the state level depends very much on the state. If you go to Wisconsin, chances are you'll end up working with their system and be in a position to go into the Department of Education afterwards. During my time at Duke, I met quite a few alums in the Department of Public Instruction in North Carolina, and some of my friends had internships there between the two years. When you're done at Sanford, you can get into basically any part of NC state government that you want - the Sanford network is big enough that we have people everywhere. (And that's really not an exaggeration.) So I'm sure the opportunity exists there - it's just, where do you want to work after graduation? 

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