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Georgetown MA in Democracy and Governance


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I'd love folks' thoughts on the Georgetown Department of Government. I applied (and was accepted) to the Master's program. I haven't found much on this program on the boards, though that may be due more to my poor search capabilities than anything else.

I have been interested in the department since I was an undergraduate student, as my background is in democracy and governance and Georgetown offers one of the few masters in the subject. I know little about its reputation though and won't be able to visit campus before making a decision.

I would welcome any thoughts on the program, especially on reputation, typical career path for Masters candidates in the program, pros and cons of such a small program, etc.


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What do you want to do with the MA? 

If you want to apply to a PhD, then it seems as if they have a bunch of adjuncts teaching classes, which is not useful.

Just because a MA has the words you like on it does not mean it is relevant. You can also look for MA that allows you to select optional classes. If you want to work in policy or an international organization, you can look for an MPP or a Master in International Development, several of which at taught in the DC area, and take relevant coursework on what you like. 

Information about careers for the MA graduates: you need to ask that to them. It is their job to keep stats on that and if they don't, then that tell you something.



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