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Poli Sci Program decision


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Hi all, 

Currently, I have an offer from a very good state school to attend their IR program.  I also have some offers from more established (and higher ranked) IR programs for far less money.  I was wondering what the general consensus is on this?  

I know the poli sci program itself ranks very high, but I also know that the strengths of the program are comparative and US government.  How worried should I be about getting a job after graduate if the IR program there is fairly new?  (But again, the overall school has a good, solid top-20 name overall)

I'd appreciate any input.

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It seems there are two points in your writing. First you seem to be considering money. The more established programs may provide you less fund, but according to my knowledge, higher ranked programs have lots of opportunities of offering more fund to students later during their studies (it may be a bit difficult in one’s first year if the fund is insufficient for basic living). So I think if several programs can all provide us with some funds to meet basic living, the amount of money should not be a big concern in evaluating them. Second, I totally agree with you that placement is a big concern for us. If we want to continue a tenure-track career upon graduation, perhaps the ranking of a program is of great significance. In any subfield of social science, indeed we have a small community and people know each other’s works or at least the strength (and weakness) of a program. In this sense, the more established ones may be better. And ranking is also closely related to placement. In addition, in more established programs you may obtain more opportunities of publishing articles and use their networks in seeking a job in the future. Certainly the state school has its name recognition, but I guess what you need most is the best academic support in your subfield to prepare for future career option.

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