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Stacking multiple sources of diss. research funding?


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Hi community,

I have received several dissertation fieldwork grants, but I am trying to make a case to the funding agencies so that I can stack two sources of funding. One is a federal funder and one is from a private funder.  If both are stacked, I would received about $35,000 for one year (which is certainly not huge amount anyway). The federal one by itself is $400 less a month than my TAship.  I know people are almost always able to link funding (taking one grant after another) but I am really trying to take them at the same time. Why? A) Because despite the first source's insistence that the money is sufficient, it is not.  In fact, the Dept. of Education's Fulbright allowance for this city in Europe is close to 3x as much as the federal grant stipend I have received. I have lived in this city  before and know how expensive it is.  B ) because I have a dependent. If he says with his father in the US, we will have to pay  $700 a month for before and after care at his elementary school. So there goes half of my stipend. I also have to set aside money fro bills here in the US, which are not going away when I leave for dissertation research (car payments etc.). I wish these funding agencies didn't assume you don't have costs to contribute to at home while off during your research!  Now, of course, the funders do not care about these reasons I have just mentioned and so I need to make a case that my expenses from one grant are separate from the other. Has anyone successfully made that case before? Unfortunately, I don't quite know what to say because really I just need housing and living expenses from both since one is not enough to cover my work, but they said this is not a good enough reason. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!! 



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