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Does a masters in Biostat improve an application for the PhD?

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Hello! I applied for biostat PhD programs and NC State statistics PhD this cycle and I got into some biostat PhD programs and NCSU stat but personally don't think I applied to the right fits this cycle after I visited the schools. I am grateful for the PhD offers I do have but wish I could apply again to the schools that are better fits for me as well as more top schools. I got two (mostly funded) masters offers and could also leave the NCSU PhD program with a masters if I really thought another program is a better fit for me. 

But does a masters degree help improve an application to PhD programs? My main Achilles heel this cycle was I did not have many math proof classes asides from real analysis. Would taking more proof classes like measure theory in a masters make a big difference if I were to reapply? I also realize that there is no guarantee that I'll do better next time around.

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In certain circumstances, it can help, but if you got into NC State already, I don't think you'll be one of the people who it would help a lot - it could help if you had a low GPA in undergrad which I suspect isn't the case. It could also help if you were able to get serious research experience with a known professor.  How do you know your Achilles heel if you got into top programs already? Measure theory isn't a necessary course, and the top 10 aren't a guarantee for anyone. I'd say take one of your offers, or if you want to find a better fit, just reapply next year. 

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